Atlas Copco Air Filter 1613740800

Atlas Copco Air Filter 1613740800 Technical Parameters: 1.Filtering precision:5-10 Micron. 2.Filtration efficiency:98 %. 3.Service life is approximately: 2000h. 4.Filter element of air filter is made by the pure wood pulp paper which imported from America HV& Korea Ahistrom. Atlas Copco Air...

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Atlas Copco Air Filter 1613740800 Technical Parameters:

1.Filtering precision:5-10 Micron.

2.Filtration efficiency:98 %.

3.Service life is approximately: 2000h.

4.Filter element of air filter is made by the pure wood pulp paper which imported from America HV& Korea Ahistrom.


Atlas Copco Air Filter 1613740800 Product Application:

Atlas Copco Air Filter 1613740800 are widely used in various Fusheng screw air compressors, vacuum equipment, engineering machinery, hydraulic systems, generator sets and other equipment in petrochemical, power plants, steel, rubber, textile, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, brewing, packaging materials, Electronic semiconductors, photosensitive materials, automotive manufacturing and other industries.


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