Filtration Equipment

  • Hankison Filter HF9-16-4-BDPL

    Hankison Filter HF9-16-4-BDPL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF9-16-4-BDPL A super-efficient oil removal filter can filter down to 0.01m of liquid and solid particles, the lowest residual oil content of only 0.001ppm, almost all of the moisture, dust and oil are removed. Prior to H-level filtering and...Read More
  • Hankison Precision Line Filter

    Hankison Precision Line Filter

    Replacemetnt Hankison Precision Line Filter T air line filter can filter out small to 1m of liquid and solid particles, the lowest residual oil content of only 0.5ppm, with a little moisture, dust and oil mist. As for the A-grade filter before pre-treatment purposes; after...Read More
  • Hankison Pipeline Filter Housing

    Hankison Pipeline Filter Housing

    Replacement Hankison Pipeline Filter Housing Filter fine grading C charge passing through the filter can remove large quantities of liquid and solid particles 3m or more, to achieve the lowest residual oil content of only 5ppm, a small amount of moisture, dust and mist. After...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF3-24-8-BDGL

    Hankison Filter HF3-24-8-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF3-24-8-BDGL Filtration levels: the main consideration for an interception particle impurities, according to media process technology requirements. A variety of particle size of the screen can be intercepted check under the table "filter...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF1-28-8-BDGL

    Hankison Filter HF1-28-8-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF1-28-8-BDGL work pressure: the highest pressure filter pipeline that may arise to determine the filter pressure rating. air handling capacity: According to a large amount of work pressure air handling 0.7-1.0Mpa time. Other models: HF9-28-8-BDGL...Read More
  • Hankison HF9-28-8-BDGL

    Hankison HF9-28-8-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison HF9-28-8-BDGL The filter selection principle The import and export diameter: the import and export filters in principle should not be less than the diameter of supporting the pump inlet diameter, generally in line with the import pipeline caliber. Other...Read More
  • Hankison HF7-16-4-BDPL

    Hankison HF7-16-4-BDPL

    Replacement Hankison HF7-16-4-BDPL Product Features 1, high efficiency removal of water, oil mist, solid particles, 100% more than the removal of 0.01m particles, oil mist concentration and control in 0.01ppm / wt; 2, reasonable structure, small size, light weight; 3, with...Read More
  • Hankison HF5-28-8-BDGL

    Hankison HF5-28-8-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison HF5-28-8-BDGL Hankison Compressed air precision filter in order to achieve high-quality precision filter, using layers of different filter material, which contains boron silicate fiber layer, glass fiber layer, active carbon fiber layer, multi-layer...Read More
  • Hankison HF3-32-12-BDGL

    Hankison HF3-32-12-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison HF3-32-12-BDGL The main components: filter, filter housing, cover, teeth and the like; Filter material and the general selection process piping connected to the same material for different service conditions may consider choosing cast iron, carbon steel,...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF1-36-12-BDGL

    Hankison Filter HF1-36-12-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF1-36-12-BDGL Product Definition Compressed air precision filter to remove contaminants in compressed air systems, such as dust, iron and other corrosive solid particles fouling, condensed water droplets and acid cold condensate and oils and...Read More
  • Hankison HF7-32-12-BDGL

    Hankison HF7-32-12-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison HF7-32-12-BDGL 1, internal automatic drainage - reliable discharge accumulation of liquid. 2, filter - can choose five filter levels for your involvement to ensure the required quality of the gas supply system. Other hot sale models: HF9-12-4-BDPL...Read More
  • Hankison HF5-36-12-BDGL

    Hankison HF5-36-12-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison HF5-36-12-BDGL Hankison HF Filter Series Features: 1, Meter - Indicates when to change the filter. 2, plug - easier to maintain 3, liquid level indicator - can be used for visual level, pay attention to the need for protective maintenance of the...Read More
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