Filtration Equipment

  • Hankison Filter HF7-20-4-BDPL

    Hankison Filter HF7-20-4-BDPL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF7-20-4-BDPL If you want the goods urgently, we can send it by EMS or UPS,DHL etc. But have to plus some freight .Do contact us first if you want to change to EMS,UPS,DHL etc courier.If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, let...Read More
  • Hankison Precision Filter

    Hankison Precision Filter

    Replacement Hankison Precision Filter We do our best to provide quick service. However, as Severe weather, Clean Custom, Holidays etc reason, sometimes unforeseeable delays can occur. If it has been over 40 days since your payment date and it has not been received, contact us...Read More
  • Hankison Pipeline Air Filter

    Hankison Pipeline Air Filter

    Replacement Hankison Pipeline Air Filter Freight: Free Shipping to worldwide . send by China Post Airmail.Please note that the buyer is responsible for all additional customs duties and import taxes on your country. Delivery time about 15-45 business days. Some country may...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF9-36-12-BGL

    Hankison Filter HF9-36-12-BGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF9-36-12-BGL The products in stock, if you deliver before 16 o'clock, we will shipped the same day, customized product delivery time, please contact us, we try to make it the same day orders shipped the same day.Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF7-36-12DGL

    Hankison Filter HF7-36-12DGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF7-36-12DGL 1. The need for receipts, invoices or value-added invoices open general please contact me in advance 2. receive goods have any questions, please get in touch with usRead More
  • Hankison Compressed Air Filter

    Hankison Compressed Air Filter

    Replacement Hankison Compressed Air Filter We can supply large quantities Hankison precision filter, 1-13 filter cube can stock, other models can be custom processing can be customized according to customer demand. Custom cycle 5-7 days in duration, welcomed the Advisory...Read More
  • Hankison Precision Filter Housing

    Hankison Precision Filter Housing

    Replacement Hankison Precision Filter Housing Our Filter default is to send you a manual drain valves, the picture above there is a small one, one day drain valve manual drain again. Recommended here under automatic drainage, SCP automatic drain can save you a lot of time,...Read More
  • Hankison Compressed Filter

    Hankison Compressed Filter

    Replacement Hankison Compressed Filter import and export size can be customized. Filters may need to install level mirror. Valve differential pressure tables, etc., When installing C-level mounted in front of the cold and dry machines, T Grade A Grade packed in cold and dry,...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF7-28-8-BDGL

    Hankison Filter HF7-28-8-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF7-28-8-BDGL This filter is a pressure filter, work pressure within 10 kg (ie 1.0Mpa), higher than 10 kg can be customized high-pressure filter. We can filter cube shelf 1-13, more than 15 cubic generally require customization, period ranging from...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF5-32-12-BDGL

    Hankison Filter HF5-32-12-BDGL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF5-32-12-BDGL Hankison Filter HF5-32-12-BDGL can remove small to 0.01m mist and hydrocarbons, the lowest residual oil content of only 0.003ppm, free of moisture, dirt and oil, odorless and tasteless. Since the last filtration, for some of you must...Read More
  • Hankison Filter HF9-16-4-BDPL

    Hankison Filter HF9-16-4-BDPL

    Replacement Hankison Filter HF9-16-4-BDPL A super-efficient oil removal filter can filter down to 0.01m of liquid and solid particles, the lowest residual oil content of only 0.001ppm, almost all of the moisture, dust and oil are removed. Prior to H-level filtering and...Read More
  • Hankison Precision Line Filter

    Hankison Precision Line Filter

    Replacemetnt Hankison Precision Line Filter T air line filter can filter out small to 1m of liquid and solid particles, the lowest residual oil content of only 0.5ppm, with a little moisture, dust and oil mist. As for the A-grade filter before pre-treatment purposes; after...Read More
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