Argo Filter

  • V3094008 Argo Filter

    V3094008 Argo Filter

    Replacement V3094008 Argo Filter Increased performance Positive element identification Reduced operating and maintenance costs Improvement of flow fatigue stabilityRead More
  • V3083308 Argo Filter

    V3083308 Argo Filter

    Replacement V3083308 Argo Filter 1.Extended service intervals 2.Higher operational reliability 3.Improved oil cleanliness Replacement Argo Filter ModelsRead More
  • V7.1560-03 Argo Filter

    V7.1560-03 Argo Filter

    Replacement V7.1560-03 Argo Filter With the introduction of EXAPOR®MAX 2, ARGO-HYTOS is opening a new chapter in filtration for hydraulic and lubrication systems. The structure of the specially developed 3-layer filter material was designed for optimum performance, using...Read More
  • V3.0823-06 Argo Filter

    V3.0823-06 Argo Filter

    V3.0823-06 Argo Filter ARGO-HYTOS sets the standard with the introduction of EXAPOR®MAX 2. Higher machine availability, longer service intervals and lower operating costs. These were the development goals for the new generation of filter elements.Read More
  • P3051000 Argo Filter

    P3051000 Argo Filter

    Replacement P3051000 Argo Filter Product Name:Replacement P3051000 Argo Filter Part Number:P3051000 Filter rating:5~200 micron Material:Wire mesh Construction:CartridgeRead More
  • V3.0607-08 Argo Filter

    V3.0607-08 Argo Filter

    Replacement V3.0607-08 Argo Filter V3.0607-08 Argo Filter marked "Replacement" or "Interchange" are not affiliated with the original manufacture where names and part numbers are for cross reference only. All trademarks are trademarks of their respective...Read More
  • P3062052 Argo Filter

    P3062052 Argo Filter

    Replacement P3062052 Argo Filter All of our Argo Filter elements are manufactured according to ISO specifications, including: ISO 16889, Clean DP (low and high visc) - ISO 3968, Fluid compatibility - ISO 2943, Flow fatigue resistance - ISO 3724, Dirt capacity - ISO 16889,...Read More
  • P2061702 Argo Filter

    P2061702 Argo Filter

    Replacement P2061702 Argo Filter Made in China. All of our elements are manufactured according to several ISO specifications. See product details for list. Protect your equipment today with a quality filter from Big Filter Store Replacement Argo Filter ModelsRead More
  • V2083306 Argo Filter

    V2083306 Argo Filter

    Replacement V2083306 Argo Filter Direct interchange/replacement for OEM ARGO p/n V2083306 Compatible with OEM hydraulic filter in fit, form and function Highly durable and reliable due to strict quality control and guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects Replacement...Read More
  • S2092000 Argo Filter

    S2092000 Argo Filter

    Replacement S2092000 Argo Filter Our company adopts imported filtering material to manufacture domestic ARGO filters whose performance and parameters reach the advanced level at home and abroad, and our ARGO filters can effectively control the contamination degree of the...Read More
  • V3052013 Argo Filter

    V3052013 Argo Filter

    Replacement V3052013 Argo Filter Be fully effective in filtering out impurities in the hydraulic system, and make the equipment in a good working environment. Replacement Argo Filter ModelsRead More
  • P3052000 Argo Filter

    P3052000 Argo Filter

    Replacement P3052000 Argo Filter The filter we produce can replaces the Original ARGO filter, the use of domestic mature production and processing technology, imported US HV material processed production. Replacement Argo Filter Models AS08001-K3091852-P2061301-P2061301...Read More
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