Leemin Filter

  • Leemin Filter HX-10*10

    Leemin Filter HX-10*10

    Leemin Filter used by Leemin Filter element adopts high strength wedge filter net, which can automatically clean the filter element by pressure difference control and timing control. When the impurities in the filter accumulate on the surface of the filter core, the pressure...Read More
  • Leemin Filter WU-63*80-J

    Leemin Filter WU-63*80-J

    The precision of the Leemin Filter element is related to the purity of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of the machine, but it does not mean that the more accurate the filter element is, the better.In fact, although the high precision filter element can improve the...Read More
  • Leemin Oil Filter

    Leemin Oil Filter

    In recent years, the environmental pollution problem is becoming more and more serious, which makes the demand of Leemin Oil Filter more intense. Leemin Oil Filter plays an important role in China's industry. It is known that the rotary drum vacuum filter invented in the...Read More
  • Leemin Oil Filter Cartridge

    Leemin Oil Filter Cartridge

    Leemin Oil Filter Cartridge is suitable for fine filtration of oil fluid in hydraulic system. It can remove metal particles and rubber impurities caused by wear of components in the system and keep the oil fluid flowing back to the oil tank clean.The filter is directly...Read More
  • Leemin Oil Filter Element

    Leemin Oil Filter Element

    Leemin Oil Filter Element is mainly used in the hydraulic system to remove solid particles and colloidal substances from the working medium, effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium and achieve the effect of purifying the medium. The material used by the...Read More
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