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Method of replacing the filter element
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The filter element is widely used. For example, in the petrochemical industry, it is mainly used to filter impurities. The time of use of any part is limited. It can not be used indefinitely. The filter element is the same. It should be checked from time to time. When changing, it is necessary to replace it. When replacing the filter element, the method is correct, it can not damage any part and part, and the filter element can not be damaged. Senjie Filter manufacturers tell you that the correct way to replace the filter element is below.

When replacing the filter element, it will inevitably flow out some water. Before replacing it, you should prepare some cloth to wipe the water, etc., as well as the water-removing thing. When replacing, turn off the power first, and some other parts of the switch should be turned off. In order to be safer, open the valve to let some of the residual material inside out, and wait until the water is not flowing, then use a special tool to open the shell of the filter.

Then take out the old filter element, install a new type of filter element, apply some oil on the filter case, especially in the place of the black coil, then put the coil into the corresponding position, tighten the filter case, do not let Its position is wrong, and then turn on the relevant power and switch to see if the mechanical energy can not operate normally after installation.

Senjie Filter manufacturers explain the above methods of replacing the filter element. Everyone must remember that only after correct replacement can the equipment be protected and the machine can operate normally.