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The coalescing filter has several functional layers(1)
- Nov 10, 2018 -

Now many people on Baidu ask the clustering filter to have several layers of functional layers, so Senjie Filter will give you a brief introduction to the coalescing filter!

In fact, we can see through the anatomy that there are many layers of coalescing filter, but how many layers are there? We said one by one according to the direction of the oil.

I. The coalescing filter removes the weaning layer (that is, the folded layer inside the filter element). Its main function is to filter mechanical impurities in the oil and participate in demulsification. Demulsification is a good initial environment for the initial separation of water molecules in the oil for subsequent coalescence.

II. The oil that has been removed and the initial demulsification flows through the core layer of the coalescing filter, which is a coalescing layer. The yellow coalesced fibers placed in the coalescing layer have a curved porous state, which enables further separation of oil and water.