• Rexroth Filter R928022421

    Rexroth Filter R928022421

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R928022421 R928005474 1.0005 G25-A00-0-M R928005475 1.0005 H3XL-A00-0-M R928005476 1.0005 H6XL-A00-0-M R928005477 1.0005 H10XL-A00-0-M R928005478 1.0005 H20XL-A00-0-M R928005481 1.0005 P25-A00-0-M R928005483 1.0005 G25-A00-0-V R928005486 1.0005...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R983029315

    Rexroth Filter R983029315

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R983029315 R928019224 M010 0-6 BAR Rexroth R928019283 99.176774 H10XL-J00-0-0 Rexroth R928028409 WE-1SP-M12X1 Rexroth R928028410 WE-2SP-M12X1 Rexroth R928030536 245LEN0040-H10XLA00-V5,0-M-R2 Rexroth R928030537 245LEN0063-H10XLA00-V5,0-M-R4 Rexroth...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R983030226

    Rexroth Filter R983030226

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R983030226 R928006701 2.0063 H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928006755 2.0100 H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928006809 2.0160 H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928006863 2.0250 H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928006917 2.0400 H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928016612 80.90 P10-S00-0-M Rexroth...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R900220579

    Rexroth Filter R900220579

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R900220579 R928005838 1.0040 H20XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928005856 1.0063 H20XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928005874 1.0100 H20XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928005892 1.0160 H20XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928005928 1.0250 H20XL-A00-0-M Rexroth R928005964 1.0400 H20XL-A00-0-M...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R901025387

    Rexroth Filter R901025387

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R901025387 Collapse pressure rating 21bar-210bar(Hydraulic Liquid Filtration) Filter Medium:glass fiber,filter paper,stainless steel sinter fiber and stainless wire mesh. Rexroth Filter other part number: R928031967 R928031969 R928031972 R928031975...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R928005600

    Rexroth Filter R928005600

    Replacement Rexroth Filter 20008 H 10 SL-A00-0-P 1.The uality and performance can be guaranteed as original elements. 2.Temperature Range -4°F~212°F 3.Seals:nitrile seals,fluorocarbon seals for corrosive fluids. Rexroth Filter other models: R928031740 R928031746 R928031747...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter 2.0040 H6XL-B00-0-M

    Rexroth Filter 2.0040 H6XL-B00-0-M

    Replacement Rexroth Filter 2.0040 H6XL-B00-0-M Material: imported USA HV fiber glass/South Korea oil paper/304,316 stainless steel mesh or domestic material,PP,fiber glass cotton and so on... Application: Electronic and pharmaceutical field;hydraulic...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R901025298

    Rexroth Filter R901025298

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R901025298 Filter type: pressure filtration Material: HV fiberglass, Ahistrom filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh Filtration efficiency: 99.99% Application field: hydraulic system, lubrication system O-Ring: NBR, fluororubber Rexroth Filter hot...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R928018931

    Rexroth Filter R928018931

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R928018931 The Rexroth filter we produce can filter out particulate contamination in the hydraulic system, ensure the normal operation of equipment, extend the life of the equipment. Rexroth Filter hot sale models: R928030120 R928030153 R928030154...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R928006652

    Rexroth Filter R928006652

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R928006652 Fluid Compatibility Compatible with all petroleum oils,water glycols, oil/water emulsions, high water base fluids,and synthetic fluids compatible with Fluoro Rubber or EPR seals. Rexroth Filter hot sale part number: R928028904 R928028906...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R928030798

    Rexroth Filter R928030798

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R928030798 1.Collapse pressure rating 21bar-210bar (Hydraulic Liquid Filtration) 2.Filtering precision 3, 5, 10,20 and 50 micron. 3.Filter Medium: glass fiber, filter paper, stainless steel sinter fiber and stainless wire mesh. Rexroth Filter other...Read More
  • Rexroth Filter R928016886

    Rexroth Filter R928016886

    Replacement Rexroth Filter R928016886 1.The quality and performance can be guaranteed as original elements. 2.Temperature Range -4°F~212°F 3.Seals: nitrile seals, fluorocarbon seals for corrosive fluids. Rexroth Filter other models: R928028295 R928028297 R928028298 R928028301...Read More
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